Azure Bot State Data Store in Azure Cosmos db

In previous post here explained how bot manage state data in memory cache.Now I have extended this example here to store state data in azure cosmos db. Few changes in code are required.Just add few  c#  lines  in StateDialog.cs //Set conversion ...
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Azure Chatbot State Management example

Prerequisite  for bot development using .net code Below  tools and SDKs are required: 1. Visual Studio 2015/2017 2.Visual Studio Bot Application Template for C# 3.Download the bot application template from the download contains a zip file named 4.Copy ...
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QnA azure chatbot Architecture evaluation

Developed QnA chatbot its working fine. But sometimes bot responses with irrelevant and vague answers . If I type question which contains word e. g mango then bot throws responses in answer which contains mango word. Sometimes its weird. Feels ...
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