QnA azure chatbot Architecture evaluation

Developed QnA chatbot its working fine.
But sometimes bot responses with irrelevant and vague answers . If I type question which contains word e. g mango then bot throws responses in answer which contains mango word. Sometimes its weird. Feels my bot behaved like look up dictionary.
Thoughts came in the mind. How can I improve her.Decided to take help of intelligence Sister LUIS.so Luis would help to evaluate user intents and pass to QnA engine n it worked exactly. Now QnA bot responses with 96% relevant answers.
Implemented flow…

IOT Devices Messaging

Thoughts came in mind What happens if IOT in my case arduino Uno wanted to tweets like human being or alert others
IOT devices on internet .is it possible?
Is there any platforrm like tweeter for these iots.Just searched on google, surprisingly its already there on internet @dweet.io.
Curiously I developed arduino sketch for httpclient calls to hits dweet endpoints.I connected arduno IOT to this platform and worked like charm just like other social dtweeter platform.